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This is not another social network. This is not a popularity contest of likes and follower stats. NoticeNYC is a brand of fashion industry leaders continually reinventing the modern aesthetic and telling New York's ongoing fashion story to the world. Notice transcends cliquey or political associations inherent in the industry, shifting the focus back to what's really important. Because style is more than how you look, talent is more than confidence, and being noticed is more than irreverence, charm, or who you know. Notice is dedication. Notice is raw ingenuity. Notice is indisputable talent worn on your sleeve. Our contributors not only possess unparalleled personal style, they are iconoclasts in their respective fields, and present those leaving their indelible mark on the scene.

People You Should Know

Juliet Jane

Juliet Jane - Brooklyn

Chad Saville

Chad Saville - Brooklyn

Fleury Rose

Fleury Rose - Brooklyn

Michael William G.

Michael William G. - New York

Yossi Capland

Yossi Capland - New York

Martina Arfwidson

Martina Arfwidson - New York

Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison - Brooklyn

Yael Smouha

Yael Smouha - London/New York